Fact: Your Business Isn't Complete Without Proper Accounting.

1. We only use GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Principles)method to prepare our customers’ books that recommended by the IRS and all financial institution.

2. General Ledger; We will do your general ledger accurately and make sure that versa accounts entered correctly.

3. Accounts Payable; all of your expenses receipts will be entered and track, we will inform you about any unpaid invoice that you may overlook. Also, we will keep a copy of all your expense receipts just in case if you lose them.

4. Accounts Receivable, we will track all of your invoices to your customers and will tell about any invoice that you need to collect.

5. Financial Statements; we will prepare you all of your financial
statements that’s include but not limited to (Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet).

6. Bank reconciliation, we will provide you with our bank
reconciliation sheet that exactly the same as your bank statement.

7. Credit Cards Pay Pal reconciliation, we will do the same with your
credit card and pay pal accounts.

8. QuickBooks online or desktop set up for easy access and control

9. QuickBooks Chart of accounts set up.

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